Ecobas - Objectives


ECOBAS' agenda for the next four years is grounded on 6 strategic objectives.

1. Exercise scientific leadership in the study of sustainability through differentiation, specialization and frontier research. ECOBAS aspires to contribute to the scientific advancement of knowledge and become a center of recognized international prestige promoting state-of-the-art quality research and scientific excellence.

2. Recruit and empower research talent with the capacity for scientific leadership. Establishing a long-term time horizon and sustainable growth indeed requires the assurance of generational replacement and support to develop the next generation of ECOBAS researchers / leaders. Yet “talent to attract talent” must be the motto for this activity as well as to establish ECOBAS human resources strategies to thereby incorporate and promote research staff of excellence and prestige that may in turn serve to entice new talent.

    3. Encourage and enhance quality training and its internationalization. Training capacity is essential to ECOBAS if it aspires to become a prestigious Research Center. Hence, it must focus its efforts on improving teaching and postgraduate plans, launching new training in response to arising needs and demands, and improving its alliances with international training centers of reference.

    4. Promote greater visibility, positioning and international recognition. Positioning ECOBAS at an international level in terms of research, innovation and teaching as well as establishing strategic alliances with centers of marked international prestige will be key aspects in the development of the Centre's action plan to implement specific actions to this end whilst also considering this aspect transversally as it aims to achieve other objectives.

    5. Achieve a greater impact and economic and social projection. ECOBAS intends to produce knowledge and provide solutions to the problems and needs of society by developing research aligned with the priorities of the environment and the main regional, national and European agendas. To this end, it will validate these priorities and research challenges with socioeconomic agents, disseminate and promote the activity of the Center, and deploy an open science policy incorporating mechanisms for inclusion and citizen participation.

    6. Position ECOBAS as a reference center/benchmark in sustainability. As long as its research priorities and object of study are global, ECOBAS will become a recognized and well-known brand at the regional as well as the national and international level. The center will be positioned in the field of research, teaching and innovation in the scope of social sciences to become the first option in the search for and development of solutions concerning economic, social, and environmental sustainability issues.


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