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18-09-2020 A Guinean student gets to enter the Interuniversity Master in Economics by a crowdfunding
A Galician economist launches a fundraising campaign on the GoFundMe platform to get Jair Fernandes into the Master in Economics with which ECOBAS collaborates.
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16-09-2020 The Pont-Up Store fair transforms and adapts to "new normality"
The most important entrepreneurship fair in Galicia postpones face-to-face activities due to health restrictions but maintains its programme of training activities through the network.
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04-09-2020 The researcher Mario Pansera joins ECOBAS through an ERC Starting Grant to demonstrate that a society can thrive without sustained economic growth
Pansera will carry out his research on alternative economic models for five years at the Univerity of Vigo.
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23-07-2020 ECOBAS goes on festival to San Simon island to talk about Circular Economy
The Strategic Group participated yesterday in a conference on Circular Economy within the program of the Sinsal Litoral Festival SON Estrella Galicia.
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10-07-2020 Hugo del Valle-Inclán Cruces, researcher at ECOBAS, receives an international award
The work awarded by the LIS data center proposes a new method to measure inequality of opportunities.
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07-07-2020 Galician economy recovery is possible
Professor Santiago Lago Peñas is optimistic about the recovery but warns of the need for joint work among all the actors involved.
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29-06-2020 A new challenge for the world of sport
The Professor of Financial Economics Patricio Sánchez believes that the sport sector can recover, but it will have to mobilise and look for new opportunities.
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25-06-2020 Gender gap and inequalities in coronavirus times
The researcher Coral del Río considers that the COVID-19 pandemic will cause setbacks for women and aggravate the gender gap if administrations do not intervene.
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