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08-06-2017 Xose H. Vázquez explains the challenges of the industry 4.0
Xosé H. Vázquez, member of REDE group of ECOBAS and coordinator of the CES initiative, 'For an alliance in the Galician industrial sector', presents the main economic and social challenges associated with the new industrial revolution.
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07-06-2017 The 'I Congress of Tourism History' brings together in the Monastery of Poio the main experts in this area
Experts from 18 universities meet during three days in the Monastery of Poio to analyze the state and evolution of national tourism sector during the first third of the twentieth century.
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31-05-2017 Presented in Pontevedra the new edition of Pont Up Store
The event, which took place in the Plaza de España in Pontevedra, was attended by representatives of the various collaborating entities and sponsors, as well as the event director, Pedro F. Figueroa, of the G4_Plus Group.
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29-05-2017 ECOBAS will participate in the
The event will take place on June 20th, in Valença (Portugal), and ECOBAS will be represented by María José Cabaleiro Casal and Carlos Iglésias Malvido.
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24-05-2017 The ECOBAS Scientific Advisory Committee visits Vigo
The Scientific Advisory Committee of the Group, integrated by four researchers of recognized national and international standing, visited Vigo on May 12th to hold its first working meeting with the other ECOBAS management bodies.
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08-05-2017 David Sánchez, Manager of ECOBAS, moves temporarily to Brussels with a CDTI Grant for the Training of Project Managers
David Sánchez will move to Brussels during eight weeks after getting one of the six grants awarded by the CDTI in the last call for the Training of Project Managers.
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16-03-2017 Linknovate presents its web application of competitive surveillance in a conference organized by ECOBAS
Last Tuesday a conference by Linknovate, on competitive intelligence, was held at the School of Economics and Business Administration. Linknovate is a company specialized in the identification of emerging technologies that counts on a web application to perform this type of searches.
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08-03-2017 Olga Alonso Villar, ECOBAS researcher, invited as an expert to a European meeting on gender equality
Olga Alonso Villar, Professor of the ECOSOT group, attended a seminar on gender equality organized by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) in Vilnius, Lithuania, last March, 2nd
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