Mission, vision and values


    We seek to become an international reference in the upcoming decades in the development of new paradigms and methodologies for the study of economic, social and environmental sustainability to provide specialized and groundbreaking knowledge for decision-making and manage the great challenges of our society.


    ECOBAS’ mission is to become a research center of excellence and conform the backbone of R & D & I by generating knowledge and developing solutions aimed at responding to the great economic, social and environmental challenges of society through excellence, frontier research, interdisciplinary collaboration, innovative training and strategic alliances.


ECOBAS' values are in line with key international mandates and treaties such as the European Charter for Researchers, the Principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • Excellence: ECOBAS' goal is to achieve maximum excellence in all its actions through selection, supervision and evaluation systems that guarantee the highest quality in terms of its human resources as well as the activities and practices it develops.
  • Academic independence of the members of the Research Center. Its members are completely free to choose their own lines of research, innovation and knowledge transfer; make their own decisions when duly establishing strategic alliances to execute them under ethical principles of professional responsibility and good practice.
  • Collaboration and interdisciplinarity: the Center will implement programs and actions that foster the collaboration of its members, among themselves as well as with other professionals in the field unrelated to the Center; with other research centers in different scientific fields; with entities like administrations or companies; and with society in general.
  • Ethics, transparency and good governance: ECOBAS is firmly committed to acting in an ethical and transparent manner at all times, encouraging the communication of its actions, both internally and externally, reporting on all of them, and acting under the highest quality standards regarding protocols and governance.
  • Equality. The Center is broadly committed to the values of equal opportunities, equal treatment and non-discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, social status, religion or any other. Practices that help reduce these inequalities will be encouraged within this organization as well as in society as a whole.
  • Science by and for society:ECOBAS will promote the participation of all social actors (administration, company, associative fabric, citizenship…) to ensure that its activities respond to the real problems and needs of society, encourage the use of inclusive methodologies that are participatory throughout all the stages of the research and innovation process.
  • Alignment with major global challenges: ECOBAS' strategic lines of research, innovation, knowledge transfer and training will consider the needs and recommendations contained in regional (such as RIS3 and RIS3T Smart Specialization Strategies), national (such as the Spanish Science and Technology Strategy, EECTI) and international (such as the priorities of the European Union in the new funding period 2021-2027, and Sustainable Development Goals) agreements.

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